Feature Comparison

Here’s a list of what the differences are between the free and the paid version:

Reactor Features

2 Player Reactor
4 Player Reactor
2 Players
3 Players
4 Players
Single-Player practice
Difficulty: Easy
Difficulty: Normal
Difficulty: Hard
Difficulty: Insane
Adaptive Difficulty
Mode: Hit when color matches color-word!
Mode: Hit when white!
Mode: Hit when equation is correct!
Mode: shapes of the same kind!
Mode: 5 different shapes!
Mode: Can the mouse get the cheese?
Mode: Is the capital correct?
Mode: Is the flag correct?
Mode: Hit after countdown reaches 0!
Mode: Hit when you see a circle!
Mode: Correct number of shapes?
Mode: Is there a sad face?
Mode: Hit when arrows have same length!
Mode: Hit when bars have same length!
Mode: Hit if colored shapes collide!
Mode: Hit when bars have same length!
Mode: 2 shapes of the same kind!
Mode: Who has a bigger population?
Mode: Which country has more area?
Mode: Connect-4
Mode: XXO – Are there 3 in a line?
Mode: Do you see an Animal?
Mode: Can it fly?
Mode: Made by humans?
Mode: Find the vehicle!
Mode: Same score on both colours of dice?
Mode: Is the Alphabet in the right order?
Mode: More + than – ?

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Fun Guaranteed!

We`re so confident that you`ll like 4 Player Reactor that we`ll extend the refunding period to one year! Just contact us if for some reason you don`t enjoy it.

Did you know?

4 Player Reactor and it`s demo have been on the Google Market (now Play store) since August 2009! We`ve continuously updated the game with new modes and languages since then, and will continue doing so!

Languages galore

The game has been translated in over 20 languages! If you want to help us add your language, just contact us! We`d really appreciate it.